=suka VS cinta=


Aiy :)

Suka dan cinta itu tak sama? Yes, it's absolutely right!  So, don't get confused between these two oke.

"Love and like are different things. Like is about through your eyes and love is about through your ears."

"Suka tu macam... kita suka tengok muka dia, kita suka suara dia and anything about the physical appearance. But lovethe feeling is much more deeper. It's when you feel you wish to own everything about him/her. You adore him/her so much including him/her behavior and ways."

"The feeling comes instinctively, no need to see through eyes but it's just enough to hear something from him/her... his/her stories, problems, happiness and even sadness. Anything that has been listed through your ears will gradually generate something in your heart"

p/s : so, kite kene la pandai bezakan antara suka and cinta oke :)
abaikan gamba, ta de kaitan pon. hehe.

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nice one!!! jd an pedoman...^_^

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